Zonder titel

Hi there!

I’m Konrad. You have managed to reach this website, crazy isn’t it? Almost nobody does, but that’s on me for housing my site in Réunion! Not that a lot happens here. I’m hardly a community, nor am I interested in submerging you in poorly packed commercials. I do however think that it’s important to have a place on the internet where you can decide for yourself how things are run, what’s shown and what happens with it. Something along what Virginia Woolf referred to, only virtually.

Now I can just see you start to wonder what it is I actually do? Well, what can I say? I have a strong preference for poetry and stories. I like to read, but love to write. It’s a bit like breathing, if I’m being honest. On this site you’ll thus find stuff I’ve written in the past. Short stories, a random paragraph, a poem,…

I’m not promising that what you’ll find, is also something you’ll like. I do encourage you to have a look around. Every language is mixed in the mainstream, though you can narrow it down through the menu.

Life is Technicolor: some languages enable associations others cannot compute; sometimes languages interact or complement each other. Sometimes a poem arises in one languages, transmutes itself into another languages, but stumbles trying on the third. It’s the linguistic alchemy that defines modern times.