the problem with fictional languages

The problem with fictional languages is that you forget what it all meant, years down the line. Case in point:

мы ана дарн ел мы лендора да, мой мы
ескуанда: лендорта ды мар?
мы итаря дарн ел вош ко вармо?
… ды еста ко дарва марн…

my ana darn yel my lendora da, moy my
yeskuanda: lendorta dy mar?
my itarya darn yel vosh ko varmo?
… dy yesta ko darva marn…

When I was fifteen, I invented a language and wrote this message in this language in its “native” Cyrillic alphabet. Fourteen years later, this one message attests to this fictional language’s onetime existence. Of the grammar, I can presume some aspects. As to vocabulary, only from the root “lendor” arises the association with “love”. This is thus, presumably, a declaration of love. Seeking confirmation? Difficult to tell.

Unpredictable, the mind of a pubescent poet is.

Thought I’d share it anyhow.