sometimes pinokio’s adream / sometimes not

At the end of 2015, I published my first collection of poems, written in Dutch (Flemish). It marked the first official expression of my creativity. The collection is called soms droomt pinokio / soms ook niet and can be bought for a fair €10 on the Dutch ecommerce-platform, the book distribution network ECI, ordered by your independent bookshop, or bought using this site.

Poetry is a niche activity, literature a preference, and the might of the word rules the ego. Because of these reasons, I went the extra mile to arrange a low price point, took complete command of the publication process and am able to offer you my poems on a cherishable medium.

At this moment in time, this collection has not yet been translated into the English language. Efforts have been made, but it is difficult to cover all nuances. For instance, Flemish Dutch possess the second person singular ge/gij which sounds intimately familiar to the Flemish, yet comes across as downright antiquated to the Dutch. Several of my poems use this form. If I were to translate this phenomena into English, the closest general analogue I’d find would be thee/thou. A better solution would be to simply translate my poems in Scottish English, which would cover more bases, but not all. All this, of course, to illustrate that I have had serious thoughts about translating my poems, but haven’t actually executed these thoughts.